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Winterizing Your Swing Set

Wooden Swing Set

As winter rapidly approaches it’s time to start thinking about…winterizing your swing set? It’s probably something many of you may not have considered. While our products are made for the outdoors – we do recommend doing a few things to help extend the life of your swing set (or playhouse) to help protect it from the harsh elements during colder months.
Swing Set winter care
1. Remove and store any plastic components: this includes belt swings, gliders, trapeze bars, telescopes, steering wheels – and any other plastic accessories your set might have. Cold weather can be tragic for plastic. The colder it gets, the more brittle it becomes. Storing these parts will help prevent possible cracking.

2. Do an inspection: Check over your set for any damage, loose hardware or potential problems. Identifying and resolving minor issues early on can prevent potentially major issues from developing.

3. Keep it clean: don’t let leaves and other debris pile up on or around your set. Leaves and debris will not only create unwanted moisture, but can also become a breeding ground for mildew. Yuck!

4. Seal the wood: While cedar is naturally resistant to decay & rot - sealing your set will provide extra protection from harsh winter conditions. We recommend applying a water base sealant once or twice per year. Prior to application, lightly sand any “rough” spots.

Following these 4 steps will help insure your kids can enjoy outdoor play for years to come. Visit the service & support section on our website for more tips on proper swing set care & maintenance.

Swing Set winter care


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