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Why Backyard Swings Are Still Relevant in the Age of the Internet

Why Backyard Swings Are Still Relevant in the Age of the Internet

A backyard swing gives kids a reason to get outside.

When there’s a backyard swing behind the house, there’s really no excuse for kids not to use it. They don’t need permission, just a little supervision, and they’ll be swinging, climbing, and jumping in no time. Nowadays, it’s too easy for kids to get wrapped up with video games or the internet. And when kids are inactive, there’s a higher chance of snacking, zoning out, and settling into a sedentary lifestyle. Backyard swings, on the other hand, help inspire an active lifestyle. They provide a way for children to release stress and pent-up energy, which will help them stay fit, get some fresh air, and spend time outdoors.


A swing set opens kids’ mind to make believe.

As opposed to sitting back and passively watching movies or TV shows, when your kids play make believe on their swing set, they’re the ones who create the story. Make believe creates an unstructured play time that allows kids to be themselves, or to pretend to be someone or something else. This helps kids develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. Time spent on the swings can help children process what they’ve learned during the day.


A swing creates opportunities to socialize.

The only thing better than a kid playing on a back yard swing set is a group of kids playing together on it. Plan play dates, help your kids make new friends, or simply keep them entertained during family get-togethers in the back yard. When children play games on the swing set, they are learning to share and participate in teamwork. When one child pushes another child who is swinging, both learn the value of taking turns and helping each other. Playing on a back yard swing will help children get better at making friends and socializing. And often the family with a swing set in the yard is the house where all the friends want to come play.

A back yard swing is confidence builder.

Between homework and sports and all the pressures kids face to excel, the back yard swing is a safe haven where they can just let loose and play. Kids have no choice but to feel good when they’re climbing, playing, and having fun. There’s no wrong way to play, which makes swing sets great at building their confidence. When kids are playing on their back yard swing, they’re also releasing anxiety and feeling good themselves.


While there’s probably no way to completely remove digital distractions from your kids’ lives, it’s always important to balance them with opportunities for outdoor and imaginative fun, too. A back yard swingset is just the way to do it.


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